The Art Of Negotiation

The Art Of Negotiation


Negotiate: To confer with another or others in order to come to terms or reach an agreement.  (American Heritage Dictionary)


Many people are intimidated by negotiation.  They have heard about hostage negotiations, diplomatic negotiations, weapons negotiations, legal negotiations, and negotiations with those who wish to commit suicide.  Let’s face it, the word “negotiation” doesn’t have a very light connotation in our society.  Yet, as the definition above so aptly describes, it is simply a meeting with others in order to achieve an agreement. 

Now, don’t you do this every day?  Do you meet with your family to decide where to go on vacation?  Negotiation.  Do your children ask you for favors or money?  Negotiation.  Do you talk to salespeople in clothing stores before you purchase an item?  Negotiation.  You are negotiating nearly all the time, in nearly everything that you do.  You just don’t call it a negotiation.  But, it is.  Sure, you have discussions in order to get a result.  And that is what a negotiation really is:  A discussion.

Now, there is no science to negotiation.  There are no laws.  Negotiations are always fluid, just like discussions.  There are so many variables: the mood that the parties are in, the items being discussed, how soon they need to make an agreement, etc.  These variables make a negotiation like a flame – always changing.  So a negotiation becomes like art.  Now, if you were going to re-create DaVinci’s painting of The Mona Lisa, you would need a similar set of artistic tools with which to work.  You would need a canvas, and some oils in different colors, a palette, some brushes and then…ah yes…you would need some talent.  This book teaches you how to step-by-step lay out your negotiating canvas, select your oils, combine them on your palette so that you can paint them with your brush.  Oh, and if you are worried about talent, well, I can tell you that this only comes from Energy and Education.  This book will educate you in the art of Win-Win Negotiation, and then you will need energy behind your education to create a burning desire within yourself to become a better negotiator.  Just like an artist, you need to practice.  Practice at the mall, the grocery store, with your kids, your spouse, your co-workers, the hotel clerk, your boss.  Pretty soon, you will start to think like a master negotiator, the fun will set in and you will want to practice your craft more and more.  The talent will have arrived.

TALENT  =  Energy x Education