Would you like to be the leader in your negotiations? Would you like to transform your dread of going into a negotiation into excitement! Is the constant challenge of dealing with difficult people stressful and time consuming? Would you like to know how to turn a confrontation into a collaboration at work, or even at home?

Corporate Training

Sometimes a whole team of people needs help, and Mark Yegge can create events customized to fit the challenges your team faces. Enhance your events and inspire your team with his keynotes, or hone your team’s skills with group coaching, or seminars, workshops and even executive retreats all tailored to your company’s particular requirements.


Bring Mark Yegge into your next critical negotiaiton to help get a better result.


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Becoming a confident negotiator can help you drive business success, resolve conflicts and get more of what you want in life. Great negotiators who are properly trained have the ability to:

  • prevent other people dominating your negotiations
  • keep your negotiations on track, so you get results which work for you
  • prevent relationships being damaged by conflicts and disagreements
  • build respectful, positive relationships
  • eliminate any ‘bad habits’ which undermine your success as a negotiator
  • become the most confident and successful negotiator you can be.

Why negotiate?

The best negotiators take a win/win approach to negotiation. Experts in negotiation and conflict resolution know about getting positive results when negotiating. They take training to learn how to:

  • decide which approach to take when negotiating in a range of contexts
  • use the ‘principle based’ negotiation model
  • plan your approach to a negotiation
  • map all parties’ needs and concerns during a negotiation
  • develop options and outcomes using win/win principles
  • handle the ‘people’ side of negotiation
  • respond to problematic situations which occur during negotiations.

How can you use negotiation skills?

The practical focus of this course means that you use what you learn immediately. Negotiation skills can be used in business to agree on terms of employment (including your salary), sort out team conflicts, develop commercial contracts and set the price for goods and services. In your personal life, you can use the skills learned in this negotiation skills course to make major purchases, find fair solutions to family conflicts and negotiate the best deals on travel.