Certified Negotiation Practitioner For Real-Estate Agents

If you have ever wanted to become great at real-estate negotiation – I mean a bona-fide real-estate negotiation expert – then this is the course for you. Unfortunately, most real estate agents (or investors for that matter) have never been trained in negotiation and end up leaving thousands of dollars on the table for their real-estate clients (and themselves). Often, they cut their commission to get a deal done.

To many real-estate agents, a negotiation is a shuttling back-and-forth of offers and counter-offers. This is not negotiation; this is Administration! By being trained properly in real-estate negotiation, you can better represent your clients AND position yourself above the other agents in your area simply because you will be Designated in negotiation so that you can better represent THEM.

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This two day course includes:

  • Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating
    Understand the differences in these two traditional approaches and how you can employ both approaches to get the best outcome for your client and yourself
  • Psychology of Buying
    Learn how the brain (and the heart) makes decisions and how you can affect the brain and the heart in the decision making process
  • Persuasion Principles
    Scientifically proven persuasion approaches that increase your success rate at influencing others; includes scripts for real life negotiation situations that utilize these proven persuasion approaches
  • CNP (Certified Negotiation Practitioner) Model and Planning Guide
    Learn how to use a written planning model, to develop strategy, information gathering tactics and tactics and implementation within any negotiation situation.
  • Case Studies – See how these principles and approaches are applied in negotiation situations in all kinds of markets
  • Skill-Practice/Role Plays – Get a chance to practice your new skills in a safe environment that will increase your success in the real world
  • Group Discussion Topics – Innovative and creative approaches are discussed by small and large groups that will help take your business to new levels
  • Certified Negotiation Practitioner Designation – for students who complete this 2-day course