Negotiation Coaching and Consulting

Why Should You, Your Company, or Association Hire Me?

  1. Do you and/or members of your organization’s  senior management team have the necessary negotiating process and skills needed to get the best result?
  2. Are you or members of your sales organization heading into an important negotiation without having the necessary expertise or experience required to create a Win-Win outcome?
  3. Are you tired of your salespeople negotiating solely on price and under-representing value?
  4. Are your purchasing and operations personnel leaving significant money or value on the table with suppliers or vendors?
  5. Are you certain that your legal advisors are specifically trained in negotiation and not just good at the legal profession?

If your answers to these questions are concerning, then hire an experienced and specialized negotiating coach who can quickly determine the best strategies and put in place the necessary tactics…so that you get the best outcome possible.

Unlike accountants, lawyers, and traditional business consultants – who likely do not specialize in, nor have experience in significant negotiations – my significant negotiating experience and skills can be leveraged to help optimize your outcome, and I can add significant incremental value and improve the expertise of the deal-making team.

Professional and world-class amateur sports teams and athletes, artists, actors, and musicians hire coaches to optimize team and individual performance and improve results. Why should business-people be any different?

How Much Does My Expertise Cost?

Professional Fees

The framework for my professional fees is based on the overall scope of the negotiating consulting and coaching assignment.

For project-based consulting and coaching assignments, I offer two options: I charge a daily consulting fee and/or a combination of a one-time fee and a performance-based commission based on the “value” of the deal I am working on (e.g. sales revenue and/or purchasing cost savings/value delivery).

For retainer-based and telephone/e-mail consulting and coaching services, I charge a monthly flat fee based on the number of hours/days the client wishes to purchase, to be used within a twelve-month time frame.

Take action, contact me, and get the expertise and advice that you and/or members of your organization or association need.


Most of our clients feel that we provide them with a significant competitive advantage in their negotiations, and many of our clients won’t admit to the fact that they are working with our company. Some of our client relationships and the results we have achieved for them are protected by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements – and we respect our clients’ requirements.

What Types of Negotiations Can I Help You With?

Mark Yegge can provide you and/or members of your organization or association with the necessary experience, expertise, and advice to help achieve competitive advantage in all types of negotiations. I work directly with clients to help them achieve their desired outcomes across a wide range of high-value and high-stakes negotiations, including the following:

  • Sales Negotiations
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Negotiations
  • Sports and Athlete Sponsorship Negotiations
  • Product Marketing, Endorsement, and Licensing Negotiations
  • Professional and Amateur Sports Association Negotiations
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Cost Savings Initiatives
  • Contract and Supply Agreement Negotiations and Re-negotiations
  • Sale or Purchase of Business Negotiations
  • Alliances and Joint Venture Negotiations
  • Employee and Industrial Relations Negotiations

How Can I Help You?

I work directly with clients during each and every stage of the negotiating process to ensure that critical details of the negotiation are not overlooked or rushed. I provide clients with my expertise in the following areas:

  • Preparation and Planning for the Negotiation
  • Research, Information Gathering, Assessment, and Analysis
  • Preparing Your Opening Position, Desired Outcome, and Walk-Away Strategies
  • Managing the Four Building Blocks of Every Negotiation
  • Controlling Time Pressure and Negotiation Power
  • Negotiation Readiness and Needs Assessment
  • Developing Specific Process Questions to Ask the Other Party
  • Using Negotiation Techniques and Counter-techniques Effectively
  • Understanding the Hidden Meanings of Conversations and Body Language
  • Utilizing Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Read and React To The Other Party
  • Developing Potential Alternatives and Options to Maintain Momentum
  • Determining Negotiating Personality Types and Corresponding Negotiating Style Assessments
  • Writing Persuasive Proposals and Counter-proposals
  • Writing Commitment Letters, Supply Agreements, and Contracts
  • Preparing and Conducting Role-playing and Practice Sessions and Rehearsals with You and/or Members of Your Team (very important)
  • Post Negotiation Analysis
  • Outcome Compliance Management

Fee-based consulting and coaching options:

  1. Project-based Consulting and Coaching  Are you and/or members of your organization heading into a particularly critical negotiation with major customers and/or suppliers/vendors, or even a suitor? Through my powerful behind the scenes consulting and coaching services, I’ll show you and/or members of your organization exactly how to respond – and what to say or write – during every phase of the negotiation – and how to effectively counter the other party’s moves throughout the negotiation. I can even serve as your representative at the negotiating table by using my two decades of negotiating experience to help create a potential Win-Win outcome. Present me as part of your company (right down to company business cards) or as a “hired gun” – whichever will deliver the best results for you and your company.
  2. Retainer-based Services  When pursuing high-value business deals, it is inevitable that you and/or members of your organization or association will encounter negotiating challenges.  Thus, professional expertise will be required to effectively prepare the right game plan, prepare and plan for the negotiation, identify the opening negotiating position and desired outcome, determine the best approach, and identify optimal strategies, tactics,  and corresponding counter-tactics. With this option, everyone will have access to proven negotiating expertise and advice – simply pre-purchase blocks of my professional time on a monthly retainer fee basis.
  3. Telephone and E-mail Consulting and Coaching  Do you and/or members of your organization or association want to receive fast answers and hard-hitting negotiating advice – without the expense of having to fly me in for a consultation or waiting until a meeting that could be weeks or months away?  Then take advantage of my telephone and e-mail consulting and coaching services. Either pre-pay for a specified number of hours to be used within a year – or pay as you go. Whatever option is selected, be assured that you and/or members of your organization will have access to the valuable negotiating advice and guidance when needed.

Take action, contact me, and get the expertise and advice that you and/or members of your organization or association need.